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Welcome to the homepage of "Dobermann Kennel van het Wantij", we are the proud breeders of prize winning Dobermanns. We are located in the Netherlands, but our dogs are famous worldwide for their appearance and working abilities.

"We strive to breed the best quality and healthy Dobermanns by using only top selections in our pedigree."

For more information about our current dogs please select the corresponding thumbnails below, or use the menu at the top to navigate around our pages. Don't forget to check out our gallery for pictures of working dobermanns , females , males , puppies and our awards overview.

For more detailed information you can easily contact us by using this page.

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24-10-2017 Puppies born!
Luna v h Wantij X Franyo Freiherr von Hohenzollern

01-10-2017 The Wantij Bokaal
Will Be Held On Sunday, November 26th., Judge: Mr. Joep Selders

18-09-2017 Luna v h Wantij confirmed pregnant!
Puppies expected around October 23rd., 2017

04-08-2017 Luna v h Wantij cardiotested: - normal - (24hr. Holter Ultra ECG)

16-05-2017 Puppies born!
Queen Elisabeth von Georgstolz X Franyo Freiherr von Hohenzollern

12-04-2017 Queen Elisabeth von Georgstolz is confirmed pregnant
Puppies expected around May 17th, 2017

15-03-2017 Queen Elisabeth von Georgstolz mated Franyo Freiherr von Hohenzollern

07-01-2017 Lizzy passed ECG test

01-01-2017 v h Wantij dobermanns wish you a very Happy New Year!

Puppies born on November 1st., Luna v h Wantij X Index v Hellerwald

Results Wantij Bokaal 2016
Congratulations to Herman Visser with Queen Elisabeth von Georgstolz 1st place and Winner 'Wantij Bokaal' Working 2016

The Wantij Bokaal will be held on Sunday, September 25th., Judge: Mr. Cor Janssen

11-08-2016 R.I.P. Ebony v h Wantij

Bas de Rijk with
Ebony v h Wantij: 11th place netherlands national championships working dogs 2016, IPO 3: 90-90-80=260

11/12-06-2016 Bas de Rijk with Ebony v h Wantij: 2nd place NBG Verenigingskampioenschap 2016, IPO 3: 90-92-95=277

Queen Elisabeth v Georgstolz (Lizzy), daughter of Doncorleone v h Wantij has passed ZTP with very good results and has been added to our breeding bitches

01-04-2016 Doncorleone V H Wantij became father of 7 puppies, all black, 4 females and 3 males Zuchtstätte von der Treuen Seele

01-04-2016 Doncorleone V H Wantij mated Gen-toa Godzilla Girl of Devil Inside

06-03-2016 R.I.P. DJ van het Wantij

05-03-2016 Doncorleone V H Wantij Mated Tequila von der Treuen Seele
Zuchtstätte von der Treuen Seele

10-01-2016 Doncorleone v h Wantij became father of 6 puppies, all black
Dobermann Kennel Von Georgstolz

15-11-2015 Congratulations to Bas de Rijk with Ebony Van Het Wantij:
1st place and Winner D.V.I.N. Championship Working 2015!
DJ van het Wantij: congratulations on your 4th place! (82-87-81)

06-11-2015 Doncorleone v h Wantij mated Oraya von Georgstolz
Dobermann Kennel Von Georgstolz

20-10-2015 Migrated website to new server ... new website under construction
more news soon!

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